Sensible Salting Committee Members

  • Scott Kuykendall, McHenry County Planning and Development, Chair
  • Peter Wallers, Engineering Enterprises, Inc., TAC Chairman
  • Jim Turcan, Cornerstone Properties
  • Tony Johnson, Midwest Salt
  • Matt Wittum, Village of Spring Grove
  • Mark Phipps, City of Aurora
  • Janet Agnoletti, Barrington Area Council of Government
  • Stephen McCracken, The Conservation Foundation<
  • Walt Kelly, Illinois State Water Survey
  • Kyla Jacobsen, Illinois Section American Water Works Association
  • John Kawka, Morris Engineering
  • Angie Smith, Engineering Enterprises, Inc., Admin Support  

    Project Summary (Draft)

    Sensible Salting 2018

    Sensible Salting 2017